Projects List

  • 28 Brook Street, Mayfair, London.
  • 221-225 Brompton Road, London
  • 280 High Holborn, London
  • 3 Merchant Square, Paddington, London
  • 79-97 Wigmore Street, London
  • Apple Store, Regent Street, London
  • Apple Store, Edinburgh
  • Apple Store, Leeds
  • Audi Showroom, Leicester
  • Barings Bank, Bishopsgate, London
  • Bulgari, New Bond Street, London
  • Caspian Wharf, Limehouse Canal, Bow, London
  • Chiswick Park, Building 6, Chiswick High Road, London
  • Damien Hirst, New Bond Street, London
  • Dohaland Phase 1B & 1C, Doha, Qatar
  • Dolphin Square, Chichester Street, London
  • Dyson Appliances Ltd, Tetbury Hill, Malmesbury
  • Manhattan Loft, Stratford, London
  • McLaren Technology Centre, Surrey
  • One Hyde Park. Knightsbridge, London
  • QVC Media and Commerce Centre, Chiswick, London
  • Riverlight Health Spa, Kirtling Street, London
  • Roman House, Wood Street, City of London
  • Selfridges International Lounge, Selfridges, Oxford Street, London
  • The Athenaeum Hotel, Piccadilly, London
  • The Charles Rennie Mackintosh House & Galleries, Northampton
  • The Dune House, Suffolk
  • The Glasshouse Hotel, Edinburgh
  • The Hamptons. Gillingham Marina
  • The Langham Hotel, Regent Street, London
  • The Portman Estate, 38 Seymour Street, London
  • Wilkinson Eyre Architects Offices, 33 Bowling Green Lane, London


Dune House

Architects & Designers

Assisting Architects and Designers with the development of bathroom sanitaryware schedules and providing product information has been a regular part of our business for many years.

We frequently review and price sanitaryware schedules, offering advice on any issues that we discover. Over the years we have amassed a huge amount of knowledge on which products are most suitable for certain projects.

Our advice and assistance on product selection, could save time and expense during both the design and construction phases of your project.

If you have any questions please give us a call.


Developers & Contractors

Developers and Construction Clients have increasingly looked to get construction projects to site as early as possible, which cuts down on the design period and can occasionally result in contractors being asked to price documents where the design is not as defined as it could be.

If you’re a Contractor or an M&E Estimator, with a tight deadline for the production of your submission, and you need a supply quote that accounts for and includes all the required miscellaneous bathroom items that are essential to get a project built, please give us a call as we’ll be able to assist.

We understand how main contractors split packages and where time is extremely tight we’re capable of pricing straight from the contract documents, feeding any technical queries, comments and clarifications back to the M&E contractor as the project is priced. We have also gained knowledge of buildability issues and the quality of various products over the years.

Whether you’re from a small firm and you want a quote for the supply of a particular product and perhaps some information or advice on how to install it, or you’re an Estimator from a large M&E contractor who needs a set of Employer Requirements priced in a short period of time, we will be able to assist.

Private Clients

Private individuals who come directly to us for our assistance tend to have a specific idea about the style of bathroom they want to build. They often have certain products that they are set on and request our assistance to help them choose the remaining products that are required to finish off their bathroom and make it function to their requirements.

Like us they tend to be fussy about the details of the design of their bathroom. It does take a little bit more work to find the best products to suit the style and perhaps a finish that a customer has decided upon, but this is what we are good at. We don’t just try to sell the same items as everyone else, or the items that are the simplest for us to obtain.

There are so many well designed bathroom products available today that sometimes it is difficult for people to guide themselves through the maze of options!

If you are looking for something special but you’re not sure where to start, call us. We will almost certainly be able to help you.


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